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'Ai Pono

Antoinette Sharfin 
'Ai Pono 
We’re in this together
My name is Antoinette and I've been on this vegan journey for almost 4 years. 

Before walking the vegan path, I had NO idea what being vegan was.  
I was born and raised next to my grandpa's small farm in Taos, New Mexico.  I had heard about vegetarians but figured they were just hippie health freaks. 

Growing up on my grandpas farm, I had seen animals living and roaming on green pastures, eating fresh grown alfalfa and drinking water irrigated from the mountain streams. I had NO idea whatsoever that I didn't need to eat animals to obtain nutrition. As far as I knew, eating animals was normal, natural and necessary.  I was also raised Catholic so somewhere along the line I was also taught that animals were here for us. That was their purpose in life.  That God specifically put them here for us to eat for nutrition and although it was sad they had to die, it was a sacrifice that we needed pray for, pay respect and not take for granted.  And as long as we did this, it was okay. 

In 2012 we were told the earth would flip according to Mayan prophecy.  Well, my personal world flipped and I began to learn and hear the message about veganism.  
At first I definitely had lots of fears about getting proper nutrition being vegan.  I did worry about protein, iron, calcium, B vitamins.  There was a lot to learn and unlearn. 

I now consider myself a "Born again Pagan" meaning I embrace all different forms, rituals and aspects of spirituality as long as they are loving and kind.  I was raised Catholic and I remember as a kid going to church and hearing a sermon about "Life Purpose".  The priest said that we need to open our lives to God and allow the Great Spirit to work through us.  I remember thinking in my head "NO WAY!"  What if "he" gives me a job I don't like! I finally surrendered and kept asking the Universe questions about my purpose and have found that veganism is my purpose.  It has answered my prayers to help me live a more meaningful life.  A life with purpose and to also live in ways that the ancestors did, such as healing with herbs, plants and energy while being one with "all that is".  It's helped me to understand the interconnectedness of all things, human and non human and so much more. 

I'm not here to change anyone.  I share this information so people can at least be informed.  From there, you can do the research and come to your own conclusions based on where you are at with your thoughts, understanding and perception of this life experience. But for me, to know what is happening and not share is an injustice.  
Not only for the animals but for my fellow two legged brothers and sisters.