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'Ai Pono

Nurture your vegan spirit on the beautiful, healing island of Hawaii. 
My vegan journey began in December of 2012.  It's been quite the road and although I'm very grateful to be living a compassionate lifestyle, I've found that being vegan can also take its toll on our emotional, mental and physical body.  Seeing the world through vegan eyes can sometimes be frustrating, anxiety producing and depressing.  In order for us to continue being strong voices and warriors for our animal family we need to make sure our bodies, minds and spirits are strong and healthy.  

That's the inspiration behind these vegan retreats.  
Hawaii is a wonderful place to heal and nurture the broken spirit.  Hawaii is paradise. It's not a vegan paradise (yet), but it's a lovely place with warm gentle breezes, and our home which is like a jungle bungalow, is a great place to see lots of farm animals living wild, happy lives.  Roosters run free, mama hens nurture her babies, pheasants, hawks, owls and even wild pigs from time to time roam the property! It brings a smile to my face to see these animals living in total freedom as nature intended.  We hope you can join us for a wonderful opportunity to share time with likeminded individuals, make new connections and nurture  your vegan spirit.  Aloha.