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'Ai Pono

Let thy food by thy medicine....and thy medicine be thy food.  Hippocrates
Why reboot? 
Look at these gorgeous colors mother nature provides! 
The one day juice reboot is a perfect way to give your digestive system a break and flood your body with high doses of nutrients.  
This is a way to inspire you to reset cravings and find an appreciation for healthy foods.  
Before & After  
Starting in January of 2016, I participated in a 30 Day Juice Challenge via Instagram.  I didn't have to give anything up, just make a commitment to drink a fresh pressed juice a day for 30 days. 
After 30 days I noticed the cyst on my wrist had almost disappeared 100%.  A few months later it is totally gone. 

After experiencing this I am REALLY inspired to not only continue consuming more fresh juices in my daily routine but to also provide fresh juice to others.